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iPhone 13 will receive accelerated charging

Apple smartphones will receive up to 25 watts of accelerated charging. This is reported by the GizChina edition.

Sources close to supply chains have revealed that the charging power of the iPhone will be increased to 25 watts. Current models support 20-watt fast charging. Maximum power is achieved by using the wired charging adapters available from Apple separately. The maximum charging power of the wireless MagSafe adapter is up to 15 watts.

According to insiders, Apple will also sell chargers for the new iPhone 13 separately. The company attributes this decision to concern for the environment.

The journalists noted that the American company is noticeably inferior in this aspect to its competitors. In particular, many Android flagships support charging up to 100 watts or more. As an example, Xiaomi’s fast charging technology is mentioned, which reaches a maximum power of 200 watts and may appear in the company’s new smartphones in 2022.

Another difference between Android flagships and iPhones is the presence of reverse charging, which allows you to recharge compatible accessories such as smartwatches or headphones with energy from the smartphone’s battery. In Apple phones, this option appeared with the release of iOS 14.7, but the reverse charging function works only with a branded MagSafe external battery.

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