If you remember, about a year ago, Apple added to iOS a new warning about the non-originality of the installed battery: if you changed the battery at an unauthorized service center, catch the notification and remain without information about the battery status.

With the iPhone 12, the company went even further and essentially banned camera and display repairs at unauthorized service centers. This was discovered by iFixit specialists when analyzing new smartphones, and later found confirmation in the official Apple documentation.

It’s all about the special service software that is used to diagnose the camera after replacing it. These programs are only available in authorized workshops.

What happens if the camera is replaced at home or in an unauthorized service?

The camera will stop working. More precisely, many modes will be simply unavailable. This can happen with the display, it also needs to be repaired only in an authorized service, but iFixit did not have any “restrictions” after replacing the display without testing through the program.

Contact only authorized service centers, and everything with your iPhone will be great. So you will definitely be sure that you have installed original spare parts and nothing will happen to your smartphone or other equipment.

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