iPhone 12 received a new version of iOS with essential fixes and wallpapers

The new feature allows you to detect nearby people!

According to foreign media reports, Apple has released another iOS 14 update. The reason many people did not notice it is that it is exclusively for the iPhone 12 series.

This update is a revised version of iOS 14.2 for iPhone 12 users who have not yet installed the iOS 14.2 update (internal firmware version number 18B111).

iOS 14.2 addresses the issue of optimizing AirPods battery charging. The firmware slows down the battery’s aging rate, shortening the time it takes to charge AirPods fully. The new feature allows you to detect nearby people and use the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max laser rangefinder to determine the distance to them.

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, iOS 14.2 adds many new wallpapers, including photographs and artwork.

Source: Mydrivers

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