Huawei to release app store and branded browser in a version for computers

Recently it was revealed that Huawei is preparing to launch a PC version of the AppGallery app store. Now there is more information on this.

Huawei Central reports that Huawei will launch an app store, Huawei Browser, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Huawei Cloud, and other services in a desktop version.

These applications will likely appear on new Huawei laptops. And soon enough. Huawei AppGallery for PC is expected to facilitate app installation and help the company build its own desktop app market. The measure will also ensure the smooth operation of Huawei’s ecosystem of devices, which include smartphones and computers.

Recall that AppGallery and other services Huawei began to develop after the US Department of Commerce actively blacklisted the company and cut off its access to Google services.

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