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How to View Another Phone’s Screen Remotely?

If you are looking to view another phone’s screen remotely, you should read this article entirely. In many cases, we need to monitor the screen remotely of another person. For example, the parents keep their eyes on their children’s activities, boss on his employees, a person on his lover, and more. In this advanced technological world, we want to know about the activity of our dear one because we are concerned about their security and safety. 

By watching the phone screen of a person you want to monitor, you can notice what he is searching, texting, or calling. It shows you if the person claiming to you as your loyal friend even shows loyalty in your absence or not.  We tested a useful app for you to monitor the person you care for. It is a KidsGuard pro, compatible with Android. iPhone devices can also operate this app to monitor other people. 

How to Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to View Another Phone’s Screen Remotely? 

Three steps are involved in the installation and setup of KidsGuard Pro. Follow these steps accurately and successfully install it on your Android.

Step 1: Create a personal account for the app 

When you decide to create an account, a sign-up will appear on the front screen. Tap on that option and get registered for the app. Provide an exact email address for registration. If you need advanced features of monitoring, then buy the premium plan. App developers set three purchasing plans. They are one-month, three months, and one-year purchasing plans. Price also changes according to duration. 

Step 2: Install and setup the KidsGuard Pro for Android

Once you purchase a premium plan, it will lead you to the My Products and Orders Management page. On this page, you can manage the order that you create in the first step. Tap on the option of Setup Guide. Carefully follow the instructions given here to complete important configuration settings on the device you want to monitor. 

Step 3: Complete setup verification and start using KidsGuard to monitor the target device

You have completed all the set and installation processes on the target device. Now on your website, log in to the account of KidsGuard Pro. If you correctly complete the setup, you can see the name and other information of the device. Now open the dashboard and start monitoring the data and activities running on that phone. If this monitoring procedure occurs for the first time on target mobile, it can take a few minutes. 

What Activities Can You Perform on the Dashboard?

This app has a user-friendly interface and installs only in five minutes. The dashboard allows you to open call history, contacts, messages, videos, photos, calendar, app activities, and browser search history. 

The premium tools of KidsGuard allow us to approach social media apps, for example, Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, Snapchat, Viber, and Instagram. 

It is the best phone tracker having unbeatable Wi-Fi and an inbuilt GPS location tracking system. It allows you to trace the location of the target mobile. Moreover, it provides a setup option for Geo-Fence. 

The app allows you to record calls coming on target mobile, capture screenshots and photos. 

You can automatically take clear screenshots of the target mobile’s screen and match them up to your screen. 

The app automatically turns on the rear camera of the target device and takes secret pictures. 

Why do you have to select and install KidsGuard Pro? 

It is a productive solution to keep your eyes on the target individual’s mobile phone. KidsGuard Pro works secretly without even knowing the target person. In many situations, you need to figure out the activities of a specific person. This app has solved your problem. 

As the world runs on the road of advanced technology and development, it also faces negative behavior. People have materialistic minds and goals. Few people out of that huge population have an honest and kind heart. So, in the world of materialism, it is hard to find a true relationship in any shape, like a true lover, loyal friend, and honest worker. If you succeed in getting a loyal person, you might have some misunderstandings or questions. The app that we introduce in the above paragraphs is the best solution. 

People can easily lie in front of you or betray you in your absence. Your children can be involved in harmful activities, like watching adult content or talking with suspicious persons secretly. Your employees can do corruption like leaking important files of your company in your absence. These problems can create a huge mess and loss if you are unable to find the solution. A single KidsGuard pro can kill all these problems within minutes. 

Advantages of KidsGuard Pro

Features of the KidsGuard Pro – Best app to view another phone’s screen remotely

It is a newly developed app that earns popularity very quickly. Customers like the user-friendly features present on the pro version. It has another positive feature of compatibility for Android and iPhone. So, anyone who has a touch mobile can get this pro app. This advanced featured app takes your spying skill to the pro level. 

It is an advanced feature of KidsGuard that allows you to monitor the history of web browsing of the target person. It shows you their searching activities and what they frequently watch on the internet. This feature is worthy if you are spying on your kid. 

There is another feature that detects the live location of the person. Activate and use this feature that provides accurate results. 

It can automatically turn on the camera and provide you with live transactions. It can secretly take snaps on both-sided cameras without suspecting its activation. 


Compared to its advanced features, the purchase plans of KidsGuard Pro are very affordable for even ordinary people. It comes up with all features that someone can desire for spying. It is straightforward to operate even by entry-level customers. Use this app to know whatever you want. 

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