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How to install Safari extensions on Mac

Did you know you could improve Safari on your Mac by installing extensions for it? Extensions help to personalize your browser by adding various additional functions to it.

Most modern browsers support extensions. Extensions can be installed from special stores. There are extensions to block content, fix typing errors, VPN, etc. Extensions for Safari can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. More information regarding the use of VPNs can be found on internetbeskyttelse and privacyonline.

Extensions that you download from the App Store will be disabled by default. They need to be enabled manually, and below we will tell you how to do it.

Install Safari extensions on Mac

Now you can install Safari extensions on your Mac. After you enable extensions, their icons will appear on the browser’s menu bar.

When you enable extensions, you’ll see a message that it may slow down your browser. If you do not support the extension you choose, you will also be informed about it. If you start to have problems after installing the extension, you can disable it by unchecking the box in the settings.

Not all extensions are free, some need to be paid for. The Mac App Store is a very safe and convenient way to install extensions, but you can download them from different sites.

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