The Apple app store has all kinds of games and apps. You can download any of these on your iOS devices directly. One problem you could come across is a missing app in the app store. If you ever encounter something like this, don’t worry anymore. Just use the free version of the Apple app store called iOSGods. This version of the app store is entirely versatile, user-friendly, and free to use even if you have an Android device and wants an app that is restricted to an iOS user. 

iOSGods app store makes a perfect alternative to the official Apple app store as a third-party app because apps and games downloads are free of charge. Imagine finding all apps and games restricted to the Apple app store and Google play store in one place. Isn’t that awesome? As an iOS 14 and upcoming 15 users, you will find the iOSGods version very interesting and handy. Even if you own iOS 11, iOS 12, or iPad, you can download the stuff you want without an issue. 

iOSGods on iOS 14 and iOS 15 – Features to Expect:

The third-party store, iOSGods, consists of iOS apps that are not available on official Apple and Android stores. In addition to these, you get hacked versions of the most popular video games. It provides the following features.

  • User-friendly user interface – The iOSGods version app store looks just like the Apple app store you are used to. Therefore, it is easy for iOS 14 and iOS 15 users to download and install any app they want from this store for free.
  • There are no bugs to worry about – The developers behind this wonderful creation are serious about identifying and fixing bugs as they occur.  It ensures that the available apps for downloading are always secure.
  • iOSGods app store saves space on your iOS – All you require is a small section of your iOS storage to keep this platform
  • An assortment of free apps and games – If you want, you can download new games and apps as they get updated on the AppValley app store.
  • No jailbreak, no Cydia – This app store version does not need you to have jailbreak or Cydia to download its latest version. Thus, they will not cancel your warranty.
  • Real-time notifications – You will know about anything new that the developers have created through instant notifications.

How to download iOSGods apps on iOS 14 and iOS 15?

When downloading and installing iOSGods on your iOS 14 and iOS 15, you will only need to follow easy steps. These include: 

  1. Open your Safari browser. Click iOSGods to download official website on your iOS device then tap on the download from the page.
  2. A dialogue box informing you that the browser wants to install a form on your iOS device will appear. Touch the allow button to start the installation process.
  3. Click on the iOSGods portrayal and then the install button to begin the installation process. You will be asked for the pass lock code of your device.
  4. After successfully installing the app, you will see the iOSGods app on your iPhone or Ipad screen.
  5. Go to the iPhone settings and then the app management section, and then open the newly installed app.
  6. Next, choose the iOSGods app and enable the trust option by clicking on your device’s button. It is to ensure the safety of your iOS device. 
  7. Check your home screen for your newly installed app icon. Click on it to open iOSGods and begin downloading. 

Frequently Asked Question – iOSGods apps on iOS 14 and iOS 15

Is iOSGods safe for your iOS device?

Yes, it is safe for your iOS devices, including iOS 14 and 15. iOSGods is 100 percent safe as developers do their best to remove bugs. Also, you don’t need jailbreaking, which makes it even more secure. 

How can I remove iOSGods Profile iOS?

If you start getting calls from an unknown number, then you may decide to uninstall this app. One method goes like this:

  • Select the iOSGods app icon on your iOS 14 device’ home screen
  • A cross mark will appear at the top of the app
  • Touch it to delete iOSGods from your phone
  • Check if the application is removed from your phone.

The next alternative method entails:

  • Access your settings on the iOS 14 device
  • Go to the general, profile, and device management section
  • Access iOSGods portrayal 
  • Click on it and press the delete option
  • Check if the application is removed from your phone. 

The next alternative method is:

  • Open your safari browser and access the URL that will take you to this configuration installation process
  • Open the profile and install this dummy profile on your iOS 14.
  • This dummy profile will overwrite the original iOSGods profile. Go on and delete the original profile from the appliance. 

If all three methods fail, restore your iOS 14 device. As there is a chance that you could lose your data, back it up first. Launch and plug your iOS 14 device into the PC and access the restore option. Once this is over, the iOSGods app will be installed.  


iOSGods third-party app store is the best alternative store for Apple and Android stores. With it, you can download games and apps that you would usually pay for when downloading from the official Apple app store.  It has good features and is easy to add to your iOS 14. You can download hacked games and apps too, and none of them is paid for.  Above all, you can add apps to your Android device with iOSGods.



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