Want to switch from Google Chrome to Safari to Mac? In this case, you need to import all your saved bookmarks, logins and passwords.

Chrome consumes 13x more memory on Apple computers with new macOS than Safari

Recently, the Safari browser has been heavily updated. It has customization of the homepage, built-in translator, custom backgrounds, etc.

How to import passwords from Chrome to Safari on Mac

Below we’ll tell you how to import passwords, logins and bookmarks from Chrome to Safari.

Import passwords from Chrome to Safari on Mac

Before you import passwords to Safari, you need to export them from Chrome to the Key Link.

Run your Chrome browser on your Mac and select Chrome’s Settings on your Mac. You can also insert “chrome://settings/passwords” into the address line. Click the three-point icon next to the Saved Password option and select Password Export.

On the pop-up, click Password Export again. Now you need to enter your password. Then click OK and close Chrome.

Now run Safari on Mac. Select File on the menu bar.

Now select Import from and click Google Chrome.

You need to choose which items to import. Mark them and click Import.

Enter the password from your key bundle to start the process. Click Resolve.

When the import is completed, you’ll see a message on the screen. Click OK.

That’s it. You just imported all your stored passwords and other data from Chrome to Safari. In this way, you can import passwords and bookmarks, favourites, autocomplete data, search history, etc. Just tick off all the necessary data.

If you use a third-party browser like Firefox, you can import data to And from Safari in the same way.

Many Chrome users are switching to Safari because of the improved performance of the standard browser. According to Apple, Safari now downloads frequently visited sites twice as fast as Google Chrome. Also, the standard browser has become even more economical in terms of energy. You can play videos from the internet for three hours longer than in other browsers.

The Chrome browser is also quite fast, and it’s available on different platforms. If you have a Windows computer and an Android device, you might prefer it.

Safari 14 has also significantly improved privacy features, and there are more.

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