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How to Get More Views on YouTube: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Optimization

YouTube is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there. Currently, there are more than 2.7 billion active users on this platform, which is second only to the social media giant, Facebook. It’s a rich source of entertainment and information. Whether you are looking to be informed or entertained, you will find that YouTube is a great social media platform.

As a business owner or a content creator, knowing how to get views for YouTube is important. With so much competition on this platform, your YouTube content must be viewed by as many people as possible, as that is how you can grow your audience and, eventually, monetize your videos. It’s a great way to grow your brand without spending too much money on advertisements.

YouTube actually helps level the playing field – if you are up against bigger names in your niche or industry, you can use video content to gain more recognition. But many aspiring content creators also know that ranking high on YouTube is not a walk in the park. You need to drive more traffic to your YouTube videos, and that is what this article is all about!

Why Aren’t You Getting a Lot of Views on YouTube?

Before listing the best ways to increase views on YouTube, first ask why you aren’t getting the traffic you are looking for. Why are your view counts so low? There are a lot of possible reasons for this:

Your Content is Not Interesting

The downside of having YouTube these days is that people are expecting to be entertained quickly, from the very beginning of the video, which means if they find the introduction and the first few minutes boring, they will most likely not want to hang around and watch any more.

This is why if you want to boost YouTube views, you need to first come up with ideas – don’t just make content for the sake of having something to upload. Think of content that will truly pique the attention of viewers and make them want to watch what you upload.

Your YouTube Channel is Generic

It’s actually good to have a specific brand for your Youtube channel, because you want to be identified as that type of content creator. You don’t want to upload different kinds of content, which can make it confusing for your viewers. They need to know what kind of content creator you are.

When you are brainstorming for content, try to focus on what your expertise is or what you are truly passionate about. If you love food, make a food channel. If you like crafting, do a crafting blog. You don’t want your theme to be all over the place, or it will be hard for you to earn a following.

You Don’t Come Up on YouTube Search

Your YouTube SEO probably needs work. Find out what relevant keywords you can use to create catchy video titles. Do a comprehensive keyword search first; if it doesn’t show up on search engines, it will not show up on the actual platform.

YouTube’s algorithm is much like Google’s algorithm in the sense that it makes use of target keywords to know what the vid is all about. Your YouTube video tags should include target keywords. Also, use the same keywords for the video description. That will make it easier for you to get a higher video rank.

The Quality is Not Up to Par

No matter how many technical things you do to boost YouTube views, if the quality is not great, you won’t be able to get viewers to return to your channel. These days, we are spoiled by the volume of videos on YouTube. Many content creators even have a full production team and will take days filming their content just to make sure that they deliver the best content.

Create a video as if it’s a big school project. You are in it for the grades. Invest in good quality filming equipment. You don’t need the most expensive, but at least make sure that it has good audio quality and that the picture is clear.

Poor Retention of Your Audience

Think about audience retention as well. The retention rate measures the video’s performance when the audience skips or closes the vid a few minutes into it. How do you retain your audience? Try coming up with a hook. For instance, you can show a tidbit about the highlight of the video, or promise your YouTube audience something at the start of the video. That is how you can retain an audience – one that will watch longer.

Your Marketing Strategy Needs Work

You can’t just upload your new video and call it a day – use SEO or YouTube ads. You can create playlists to draw your viewers to other videos. Related videos can help increase views on vids that don’t get as much watch time. They act as video links so that your audience will not miss your other content.

Check your YouTube analytics to see which strategies are working and which ones are not. It will help you see which ones you need to change and improve.

The Video Titles Are Not Catchy

YouTube titles are actually important in helping you garner more views. They have to be catchy and instantly draw the attention of your target audience.

How to Get More Views on YouTube – Strategies to Create Visually Dynamic Vids  

First, improve your vids from a technical standpoint.  By having better video quality, you can earn more subscribers without doing a lot. Here are some helpful tips:

How to Increase YouTube Views: Jump on Content Trends

First, devise a list of video ideas. Think about content that will truly interest your audience. You can follow trends, but, as a YouTube creator, you also need to innovate. Be the first to try something new. Watch other YouTube creators, as well, and discover what they are doing – you can get inspired by their ideas. Take a cue from their suggested videos.

Take a Crash Courses in Creating Video Production

These days, there are many crash courses offering lessons on how to take and edit videos. If you are serious about creating quality content, these courses are a good investment. This will make it easier to piece together your vids so they can compete with other content on YouTube.

Take Videos with a Scenic Backdrop

It’s easier to attract viewers when you have good cinematography. Many people love to watch videos taken with scenic backdrops; so, make an effort to clean up your home or just go to a scenic spot for your content.  This video strategy will also help you promote local scenic spots, which can help you gain more recognition in your community.

Use Proper Editing Tools

Another thing you should invest in is proper editing tools. This will help you create top-notch content that people will want to share via social media promotion. Make an entire YouTube video with quality editing software.

How to Get More Views on YouTube – Market Your Videos

Once you have your video content, the next thing to do is to market it. Make sure you show up not just on YouTube’s search results, but also on Google search. Here are some tips:

Get Your Viewers to Subscribe

In your video, make sure you direct your viewers to the subscribe button. Subscriptions will help you gain more recognition on the platform. You can direct YouTube users to the channel homepage so they can click the subscribe button and see your other vids.

Offer Incentives and Prizes

Many YouTubers hold games for their subscribers and views. You can post trivia questions at the end of the video and then choose the winner from the comments section. This also helps boost engagement for your channel.

Make a Playlist and Link to Other Videos

Once you have a theme for the vids, create playlist titles. According to reports, playlists actually help increase viewership. YouTube’s algorithm plays videos from the same playlist, so it automatically plays your other clips. In the video, you can also link to other vids or you can add the links in the description for the viewers to check out.

Promote to Other Social Media Platforms

Leverage your following on other social media platforms. Promote your new videos on your other social media platforms and get your followers to visit the page.

How to Get Views on YouTube: Build a Community

It also helps to reach out to your viewers. Respond to their comments. Build rapport. You can also reach out to other content creators and collaborate. The creator studio enables easier collaborations.

SEO Strategies to Try

In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, be sure to use SEO tactics to make your videos stand out.

Brainstorm for Related Keywords

Use tools and apps to help you find related keywords that will ensure your videos show up in searches. Learn how to use these keywords. They can be used in the title and description. Make a list of the keywords and be sure to use them in all your uploads.

Consider the Best Length of Time for the Videos

Should you create long or short videos? You can do a combination of both. YouTube shorts are popular these days, so use it if you plan on having a shorter version of your long vids. You can put the highlights from your long formats in these short videos.

Optimize Videotapes

Optimizing videotapes ensures they will load quickly. You can process your videos so that they are not as heavy on the data. You can use programs that can help in video optimization.

Use an Interesting Video Thumbnail

A custom thumbnail will also draw more attention to your vids. Choose the best part of the video and use that as a thumbnail. Whenever you shoot content, you also need to capture images for your thumbnail.

Write YouTube Video Descriptions and Use Tags

Use the description spot to tell your viewers what the content is all about. You can also put links there or direct your viewers to other important pages and social media pages. Don’t forget to use tags as well. They can help search engines find your videos and recommend them during searches.

Use Keywords for the Video Title

Don’t forget to use the keywords for the title. Find a way to insert the keyword smoothly into the title so that it sounds natural.


Getting more views on YouTube is attainable – if you know what to do. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. A more sustainable way is to consistently ensure you deliver quality content. Post regularly and make your digital presence known. That way, you can gain viewers steadily.

Take note of social media trends and changes. It’s a fast-paced industry, so you need to stay ahead. Know what trends will work for your brand and the image you are trying to project.

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