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How to Get More Likes on Tiktok and Maximize Your Success on The Platform

TikTok is a different kind of social network, but one in which the number of followers and likes is clearly still a crucial factor. Now we will learn how to get more TikTok likes to boost engagement.

TikTok is constantly changing. Algorithms are improving and forcing authors to change their strategy, improve their content, and create videos that best suit the platform. Just a few years ago, it was possible to upload TikTok videos of average quality, promote yourself at the expense of other people’s ideas, and upload passable videos. Today, the quality of content on the platform has improved to cope with the competition, and it’s time to forget about some of the techniques that worked (or at least didn’t hurt) before.

We have compiled some general tips for TikTok, but this time, we will focus on getting more likes for the clips we upload. This is one of the factors for appearing in the main feed and increasing the number of views on TikTok, so we must use all the possibilities available to us.

The heart icon that represents “like” is always obvious on TikTok, so with the right content and a series of good practices, we will manage to increase the percentage of views with likes.

How to Get into TikTok Recommendations?

Recommendations on TikTok are a selection of videos, individualized for each user, compiled by artificial intelligence. This is the first thing you see when you open the app – this is the only platform user has the same selection.

TikTok creators can view content in three feeds:

To achieve TikTok success and rapid wider audience growth, tiktokers try to get into the recommendation feed. This brings likes, comments, and subscribers.

Let’s look at how to get into recommendations on TikTok.

Understand how the TikTok Algorithm Works

No one knows absolutely all the secrets of the algorithm except for those who created and refined it. However, there are a few facts that we managed to figure out:

Just like on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, the algorithm selects a feed according to the user’s preferences. If you react to videos with kittens, you will have more videos of kittens. At the same time, TikTok tries to select as diverse content as possible.

The rules change frequently so that ticktockers can constantly improve. The further you go, the harder it is – a year ago, you could gain a million subscribers by repeating other people’s successful videos, challenges, and duets; you have to work harder.

Everyone gets the first views, and further views depend on the quality of the video. Artificial intelligence is capable of understanding and analyzing text, images, and videos using natural language processing and computer vision technologies. This allows the platform to provide TikTok users with the content they find most interesting.

The algorithm learns more about newcomers. Every little thing is tracked on new accounts:

It turns out to be a trial period – if you hold out on the first videos and show results, it will be easier. And it’s very (well, just VERY) important how your first videos will be received and what the first views and interactions will be.

What does the algorithm consider when deciding which videos to promote on TikTok? To increase the chance of getting into recommendations, you need to remember a lot of nuances of how the TikTok algorithm works. The algorithm evaluates any user interaction with your content:

The number of views can also be affected by:

Moreover, the country of residence has more influence than the language. Here are two accounts: the left one is in French and the right one is in English, but the author is based in Latvia and is creating content relevant to the Baltics. Accordingly, the algorithm shows videos to residents of these countries, and subscriptions come from there.

The algorithm looks at various metrics and their combinations. It pays the least attention to the number of likes and comments and the most to the percentage of video views, sending a friend, and bookmarking a video. Videos that TikTok users watch for at least 50% of the video’s duration are more likely to be included in recommendations, so short videos are most often at the top.

If the algorithm sees that these actions are performed, it is a green light for promotion to recommendations – the platform understands that the video is interesting and wants to show it to other TikTok users. Drive engagement instantly with more users!

How to Get Followers on TikTok Using Blogger Ads

To gain followers on TikTok, you should start by analyzing your account. 

  1. Look at what topics you shoot video clips on, and try to determine which audience will be interested in this format. Getting into the target audience is a great chance to gain many followers on TikTok and draw attention to your account. It is important to consider the age, gender, and geographical location of your new audiences.
  2. The second step is to choose a suitable blogger. An important point is that the ticker should publish videos on topics similar to yours. This will allow you to reach the target audience and TikTok likes. At this stage, you need to select several relevant pages.
  3. The next step is to analyze the selected bloggers. The first thing you should pay attention to is the number of views, likes, subscribers, and comments. All indicators should look organic. There is no point in ordering advertising from a blogger whose majority of subscribers are bots.

When you have decided on a blogger, contact them and discuss the advertising campaign. Prices will vary depending on how popular a particular ticker is. For small bloggers, the price tag is within $5.

An important point is to think about your TikTok features, unique qualities, and advantages. Bloggers should disclose all of this in their ads. Another secret is to offer your potential audience a small bonus for subscribing to your page to increase conversions.

How to Gain a Lot of Subscribers on TikTok with the Help of High-Activity

Let’s consider the strategy of promoting your page on social media platforms with the help of high activity. For your convenience, let’s divide the whole process of how to gain followers on TikTok into several points:

How to Gain Subscribers on TikTok Using Live Broadcasts and Obtain More Engagement 

Most beginner bloggers want to gain 1000 subscribers to live stream on TikTok quickly. At the same time, other people’s live streams can often be used for promotion. Recently, a new trend has gained momentum on the social network – live broadcasts with mutual subscriptions. The idea is simple: you subscribe to the pages of other people’s broadcasts and receive subscriptions to your page in return.

To draw more attention to your TikTok account, give gifts to the creator of the broadcast. This will bring your page to the top givers. Broadcast authors often say the names of other users who are at the top. This method requires investments. You will need to spend money to buy coins used to buy gifts. You can purchase directly during the broadcast, and the coins are credited to your account instantly.

Why you Don’t Get More Followers on Tiktok

Let’s look at the reasons why the number of views on your page is growing after the measures you’ve taken, but the number of subscribers is not:


Today, we’ve talked about how to promote TikTok and gain subscribers. First, set a goal to collect at least 1000 subscribers. After that, you will have access to live broadcasts, and the promotion process will be much easier. Trends depend on geolocation. For example, what is popular with American users has not yet reached British users. We recommend monitoring foreign viral videos to implement their trends first and thus adapt them to your audience. In this case, your video will fall under the trending hashtags (right hashtags) of an international trend, attracting the attention of other users from all over the world.

The TikTok app has a friendlier cross-promote atmosphere than Instagram or any other social network. It’s important to rally people around your brand’s message, values, and message. This can be charity, calls for conscious consumption, and the like. The main thing is not to go overboard with seriousness and to inject some humor. Get inspired by other people’s successful videos and create your unique content. Check out trending ideas, shooting techniques, video design, and content from successful YouTubers.

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