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How to Fix “Tweakbox Not Downloading Error” For Free on iOS 11 or later

In this article, I will show you how to solve the Tweakbox downloading error message. It is common in iOS 11 or later devices, and it can be fixed with the following steps most easily. Tweakbox is best for hacking games like Minecraft or Photoshop on iOS, Real Racing 3, or any paid apps, including app store ones like Pinball HD like never before

Sometimes, downloading the TweakBox app for your iOS device can go wrong. This means that you might have an issue with your phone as well.

Many YouTubers require not-really-legal download hacks to make their gameplay. Sometimes the error might be from the app itself because of some bugs, but sometimes there might be your problem, I mean your phone’s settings. Many settings need to be fixed.

Cydia is the app store for iOS that allows you to get extra features on your Apple devices. TweakBox is free and offers an easy way to get these features without jailbreak iOS on Windows.

Download tweakbox

TweakBox Features:

Apart from being free from mobile jailbreaking, TweakBox has a range of categories to offer users. This is arguably the best feature of a TweakBox app:

How to fix tweakbox not downloading error on iOS

To solve the issue of downloading a tweakbox, you can do a few things. If you have a phone that no longer receives updates from the app store, then your phone is likely incompatible with downloading this app. You can also try connecting to a different wifi network and continuing with the download process. Let us figure out some common fixes.

Could you read it before anything else when you get an error while downloading? If the message doesn’t seem to be from your phone, give it a few minutes and try again. If the error is not about the app but something else instead, follow the guide below.

Method 1: Fixing General Errors

Downloading Tweakbox often seems to cause a profile installation popup error. Ignore it and fix the settings before trying again if you receive this.

Step #1. Tap into Settings > General and then select date and time. Make sure your time matches the country you reside in or toggle the auto-fix button, which will set everything accordingly. It may seem like your date and time is wrong if it doesn’t match one of those available options, though. If your date and time are off, you won’t download any apps or videos from the app store or Youtube.

Step #2. First, head over to settings. Press the “wifi” tab, and then there should be an option at the top that says “disconnect wifi.” Disconnect your phone from this connection before setting up a new one. You can do this by finding your network, tapping on it, and selecting “forget this network.” After you have done that, head back to settings. The wi-fi connection seems to be a problem when you download something from the internet or play store.

Step #3. Please turn off your phone. I mean, it must be completely switched off. Power it down for 5 minutes or longer after that. Just start up your phone and try to download twebox. There might be something wrong with the phone itself sometimes. Your phone will overheat when it gets too hot, and you’ll be unable to download anything or use the phone properly. Give your device a break, and then try to open it up and do work.

If this helps you fix the problem, please give a thumbs up. If not, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Method 2: Use Tweakbox web version

If you’re having trouble installing applications on the Tweakbox app, we recommend using their website version. To fix the problem, reselect the application and let it install.

On the website, you can download and install apps without the need for any external app.

This is helpful because it saves time and space. Follow the steps in this guide to do it:

  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Visit
  3. To search for an application, type in its name.
  4. Click on the name of the software then click download.
  5. Go to your download folder and install the application.


If you can’t download TWEAKBOX on iOS 11 or later, this is the best way to fix it. I hope this article gave you some new ideas. I’ll keep looking for more articles for you!

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