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How the last 18 months have changed your business forever

It would be fair to say that without cloud technology, many businesses and services would have ceased to function over the last year and a half. The pandemic has scattered the component parts of many businesses across the country or even worldwide, and cloud technology has done much to reconnect them back together.

This has been done by using technology you might be familiar with; such as containers which hold everything needed to successfully work remotely anywhere in the world – or equally vital technology that you might not be as familiar with like SD-WAN which stands for Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network that allows users to connect to those applications in an agile and cost-efficient manner.

Remote and hybrid working

Of course, these are just two pieces of the puzzle that have made remote and hybrid working not only possible but arguably more efficient than previous working practices, with the additional benefits that they bring.

Remote access to apps used within a business from almost anywhere in the world has opened up the potential employee pool from only those willing to commute to the office, to anyone who can connect securely to the internet. This has not only increased the skill base within an organization, but also the increased level of influences and inspiration that only a multicultural workforce can bring.

Bypass physical technical boundaries

The potential of the cloud was already seen by many businesses; however, the pandemic has forced their hand to move away from what was familiar and into an arguably better and more cost-effective way of working.

Continual upgrades to expensive physical servers sat in the corner of the IT office are now a thing of the past, and with any physical restraint on a company’s IT performance now removed, your business can progress faster than they may have done before.

Also, as you are typically only paying for what you use, the cost is more manageable and bypasses the need to try and ‘future proof’ your physical servers, which you probably already know is something of a fool’s errand.

Efficiency of communication

With everybody all working from the cloud, it makes cooperation easier and collaboration almost effortless. Rather than having key documents (or at least the latest update) tied to a single computer everybody can see the progress of a project in real time and can keep unpleasant shocks to an absolute minimum, as well as any damaging impact on customer perceptions.

Final thoughts

Even though you might not be familiar with terms like SASE Security, Kubernetes or SD-WAN, they are all key building blocks to the way your business will run this year, next year, and beyond. They will have allowed you to widen your skill base (and take advantage of any regional salary fluctuations along the way), open your business to a range of wider influences and allow cooperation at a level that would have been next to impossible while your business was rooted in the ‘old’ way of doing things.



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