According to the resource LetsGoDigital, Google has patented a new camera design for smartphones: we are talking about a module located behind the display. Such a block may be received by the future devices of the Pixel family.

As you can see in the illustration (see below), it is proposed to make a small window at the top of the smartphone screen. A prismatic mirror element is located under it.

An image sensor with optics and a small auxiliary display will be installed inside the case. The prismatic element will be able to rotate 180 degrees: depending on the current model of the smartphone, this unit will reflect the light on the camera sensor or the image from the auxiliary internal display onto the window in the main screen.

Thus, in normal mode, the user will see the full-screen image. When the front camera is activated, the internal prism unit will unfold to allow light to enter the image sensor.

Here and above illustrations by LetsGoDigital / Technizo Concept

Alas, it is not yet clear when Google plans to implement this technical solution in commercial smartphones. Observers believe that a camera with the described design may appear in devices of the Pixel 7 generation.

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