Google has decided to end support for another service. This time, the Google Bookmarks storage service, launched in 2005, is under the knife.

This service allows users to bookmark links or notes and access them from any device or computer. But now it has become practically useless. All major browsers support not only the ability to store bookmarks but also their synchronization between devices via cloud services. Thus, when using the same browser on different devices, the user will always be able to access all of his bookmarks. As for Google Bookmarks, this is a completely separate service from the browser bookmarks, even from its own Google Chrome. Probably, few people use it, which was the reason for the closure. The service will go to Google’s Closed Projects Cemetery on September 30 this year.

However, the termination of the Google Bookmarks service may affect not only saved bookmarks, but also other applications that we use in our daily life. As noted by 9to5Google, the saved locations (Starred locations) in Google Maps are actually stored in Google Bookmarks, and the termination of the service may affect the saved locations. Google will probably fix this problem in the remaining 2 months. In addition, users can export bookmarks to Google Bookmarks or move saved locations to another list, since only the Starred locations list is synchronized with Google Bookmarks.

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