The latest version of Chrome on Android has a new price tracking feature that warns the user when certain items have dropped. The SmartDroid resource reported that such a feature appeared in the 90th version of Chrome, although it seems that it is not yet available for everyone. Upon activation, Chrome monitors open tabs for any price cuts and send a notification to the user if any occurs.

This can be useful for an Android app that is not compatible with price tracking extensions like Keepa available for the Chrome desktop client. However, there is a significant inconvenience: you need to keep the tab open to track prices. Hopefully, Google finds a sleeker solution before this feature gets fully deployed.

If Chrome has already received an update with this feature, the user can enable it through the settings menu with three dots in the upper right corner of the tab selection screen, where it is listed as “Track Prices.” If there is no such menu item, Android Police and 9to5Google resources reported that you could enable it manually by setting the link “chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout” in the address bar and activate the new feature there. You may need to restart your browser before functionality appears. However, this activation method does not work for everyone yet.

The news about Chrome’s price tracking feature came just months after Microsoft Edge added a price comparison tool, which was soon followed by built-in support for coupons and promo codes. The Firefox browser also rolled out similar functionality back in 2018 called Price Wise, although it hasn’t been launched since.

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