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How to Fix Google Drive Authorization (HTTP 403) Error

Fix Google Drive Authorization (HTTP 403) Error

Fix Google Drive Authorization (HTTP 403) Error

Google offers plenty of useful services, including cloud backup service that is known by Google Drive or Drive. With that, you can do pretty much anything you want for storing your files and folders that may contain a number of various files. On top of that, you can access your files and folders from anywhere, anytime, and pretty much any device you own by just having access to the internet. That said, if you are new to it, except storing and backing your files in a safe place, there are some cool features that you’ve obviously want: That is sharing. For other features, you can explore Google Drive features without just storing your files. Here is How to Fix Google Drive Authorization Error.

If you’re a heavy user of Google Drive, you may have done with different kinds of things like upload, download, and share. However, there are times you may experience some sort of challenges especially with downloading, just like Google Drive downloading limit. Or if you are experiencing a different kind of challenge this time, that calls for some kind of authorization, luckily, there are things you can do about it. Basically, there aren’t really specified reasons we can blame on. But, I have figure out some sort of problems that others had, even with accessing their own files.

One of the most primary reasons that can occur is: There’s a problem with your browser caching that prevents you from accessing the file. Alternatively, if you’ve multiple Google accounts that use to sign in and do drive things, there are high chances that you’ll get this error as the majority of users had this problem. Another reason that may encounter is that, basically, you may not be logged into your account, or if you are, for some reason, you’re getting this problem, you’re good to sign out and sign in to your account to check if that works. In another case, there is the least chance that the Google Drive service is disrupted and you’re out of luck, but you check it for sure here though. How to Fix Google Drive Authorization Error.

Generally, there are a number of users who have this problem that occurs due to various reasons. Because of that, we’ve covered you with a couple of easy fixes and solutions that will work for you, at least one of them.

Clear browsing history, cache, cookies & other site data

If you’re an average consumer of Google Drive that use to work with, there are probably high chances of your browser that may have cookies or cache bug that experience this or if you aren’t one of those users, that’s for you as well, here’s How to Fix Google Drive Authorization Error.

Open Google Chrome or another browser you use, and simply press Ctrl + Shift + Del to bring up the clear browsing data panel. Other than this, you can navigate to the top right corner and click on the three-dot (that is customized & control for Chrome) and More Tools > Clear browsing data, that will work the same as the shortcut.

Google Chrome – Clear Browsing Data

On Clear browsing data window, choose the period of time you want to clear, choose All time (Recommended) or at least last 7 days and click clear data.

Clear Browsing Data

As soon as you hit the clear data button, the cookies and cached files will be deleted according to your time range selection. Now, all you’ve to do is go to your drive or the file you want to download in drive and try downloading it. It should work fine.

Try downloading on another browser or separately in your existing browser in Incognito Mode or Private Mode

If for some reasons your browser doesn’t let you download files even after clearing cookies and cached files, or if you don’t want to delete your cached files and cookies just as me, there’s a great alternative option you can try. That way, this is super easy and will most likely work for you and everyone else that got this problem.

At first, it’s good idea to check and give a try with your favorable browser that may work.

Head to your browser and on chrome, for shortcut, press Ctrl + Shift + N, otherwise, hit the three-dots icon at top right corner and choose New incognito window.

Google Chrome – Incognito Mode

Once you are there, you’ll need to sign in and it will work cookies free and cache-free that won’t save any cache or cookies and browse entirely private (not that private, that you may not be visible). Just visit the link you want to download the file from drive and download it. I’m pretty sure it will work if there aren’t other issue.

Incognito Mode – Downloading files

In some cases, if this didn’t work, you shouldn’t feel that bad or give up, there’s another way to do it.

For another browser, I’d recommend Mozilla Firefox that works perfect, I don’t remember if I had the issue with it. Download Firefox if you don’t have already or if you’ve Firefox or any other browser that you don’t use it much or at least not for accessing your files on Google Drive this will work neatly.

In this case, navigate to alternative browser you’ve on your computer and browse the file you want to download. On there, sign into Google Drive and try downloading the file so you won’t miss it.

Mozilla Firefox – Downloading files

Try signing out and signing in again

Another convenient and alternative way is to log out and log in back to your Google Account. Usually, this will work and has worked for users at least a part of them.

Go to and you’ll see in the upper-right a picture of yourself. There, click on your picture and sign out.

Sign out of your account

After you do, sign in again to your account and go back to the file you want to download on Drive and hit Download. Apparently, in a moment, you’ll see the file downloading on your browser.

Sign into your account

okay, that’s fine. Hope that have solved your problem, if the problem exists or there’s something I have missed, let me know in the comments down below.

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