The developers of the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced another record: for the first time in its 12-year history, the search engine reached 100 million searches per day.

In recent years, DuckDuckGo has grown more and more. Let me remind you that in August 2020, the search engine reported receiving 2,000,000,000 search queries per month regularly. While these numbers are small compared to Google’s 5,000,000,000 daily searches, it’s still a sure sign that users are looking for alternatives and are increasingly concerned about privacy and confidentiality.

Also, the development of the search engine has accelerated significantly after it went beyond its own site and is now offered in the format of mobile applications for Android and iOS and a special extension for Chrome. Over 4,000,000 users have already installed this application and extensions.

DuckDuckGo now told Bleeping Computer that the average number of searches per day increased by 62% in 2020. The new record was set on January 11, 2021: on that day, the search engine processed 102,251,307 searches.


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