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Download High Sierra VMDK the Easy Way (2021)

This guide will quickly help you download High Sierra in the VMDK file format from three different sources. The download High Sierra in VMDK file format allows users to install the image to a virtual machine, upload it for future use, and is supported by VirtualBox and VMWare.

To download High Sierra VMDK file, you will need at least 10 GB of disk space since the macOS High Sierra VMDK file is exactly 10,040,640 KB. If you do not have enough disk space available to download High Sierra, you can try saving it on popular platforms like Google Drive or Mega. This video will show you how to save files from Mega to Google Drive. 

The links that we are providing below have been tested and do not contain any viruses. The macOS High Sierra Download is available directly from Apple in their archives. Most users find that the given DMG format requires converting a tool like Ampare to get a VMDK image. To save you time and effort, we and some other groups have done the leg work and have the files served up.

What is VMDK?

The file format VMDK stands for Virtual Machine Disk. This popular file type is used regularly by Network Administrators for cloud services and enthuses for virtual machines. VMware specifically designed VMDK file as a open file format to help allow the easy installations of operating systems on their virtual platform. Since VMDK file is an open file format, it can be used with other platforms such as Oracle Virtualbox, Sun XVM and QEMU.

Download High Sierra VMDK Links

Please Note: All image files are created only for educational purposes. We do not take responsibility for any misuse.

We have selected to host each download link from different providers. Depending on the country you are in or the internet connection you have, you may find one of the services more reliable than another.

Download High Sierra Sources

  • Download High Sierra VMDK File via NodeNinjas (Google Drive) TBA

Effective Tools & Methods to help you

  • Fix Google Download Limit – If you are downloading from Google Drive and are receiving a ‘quota exceeded’ error, this article will help resolve it.
  • Mega Download Limit Bypass – This method helps free account users bypass the file size download limit. This post goes into detail with each step laid out so you can get the files you really need.
  • Mega Sync – Let’s you start and stop downloads as frequently as you like. Data retention is managed by a folder created on your PC for deleted files allowing you to restore them to the cloud only if needed. This app works on all platforms.
  • WinRAR – This compression tool is extremely useful if you need to take an image like the download High Sierra VMDK file and break it up into several equal pieces. It will instantly rejoin the files when needed.

Need macOS Big Sur Download Instead?

We try our best to cover the three significant images most users need when installing the operating system they choose on a virtual machine. By far, the most popular format is the ISO file. Head over to this post, and you can find the ‘download macOS Big Sur ISO file’.

Need macOS Catalina Download Instead?

Prior to Big Sur, macOS Catalina 10.15.7 was a solid and smooth running OS. Many still prefer this operating system because it’s smaller in size and fewer bugs that halt the system. If you are looking to grab a copy, check out this post. If you want to install and run it on VirtualBox we have made this install guide.



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