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Choosing Data Recovery Software for Mac: A Brief Guide

Macs, as you’ve probably noticed, are awesome. They even come with a unique built-in feature — Time Machine, which greatly increases your chances to recover files from a backup. Nonetheless, there are no guarantees when it comes to accidentally lost data. Power failures, viruses and other malware, errors in code, and dozens of other inconveniences may arise between you and your data, and one simply cannot create enough backups to safeguard all valuable files. When your backups fail you, it is time to seek the best recovery data software for Mac. Luckily, nowadays there are many diverse solutions, which may compete even with professional services. Let us look closer at the most convenient one and its prominent features.

How to Select an Optimal Tool for Data Recovery

Firstly, let us consider how Mac data recovery software works. Almost all tools for the restoration of data work similarly: they scan your HDD, seeking available files. When you click “Delete”, your operating system does not actually erase files from HDD — it would be ineffective in terms of its longevity and resources. Instead, it simply erases markers, which tell the system about the location of these files. Hence, from now on it considers this space “free”, even though these files still occupy that very same place. Specialized tools are capable of finding those files and providing the system with new markers. The real problem happens when you overwrite “erased” files with new data. If such is the case, your data is lost: there is a very small chance of getting it back. Therefore, if all tools for data recovery rely on the same principle, what is the difference between them? These programs differ mainly in terms of interface, efficiency, and availability of extra features. When selecting the best file recovery software for Mac, you should look for the following factors:

Your Best Choice — Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is a data recovery solution, which works with almost all formats and provides you with several scanning options. Thanks to its convenient user interface, it is a great choice for inexperienced users as well as for those who rightfully consider command-line-based apps obsolete in 2022. In addition to reading about 400 types of files and functionalities, such as Recovery Vault, it is also capable of dealing with seriously damaged partitions or unreadable hard drives. The main advantages of this solution include the following:

Thanks to all these features, it provides the best external hard drive data recovery on Mac. As for its drawbacks, they include only the following:

How to Work with Disk Drill for Efficient Data Restoration

Since this program is intended for ordinary users, it is very simple to work with. To find and restore your valuable data, perform the following steps:


How long does an average scanning take?

Every situation is drastically different. In general, it mostly depends on the amount of data: 5-6 hours for 0.5 TB, and up to 30 hours for one TB.

Is It Possible To Filter The Results?

You can organize the results of your scan according to your taste. Available options include data, name, type, size, and column header.

The Disk Is Missing. What Should I Do?

There are several possible explanations:

Why does it ask for full disk access?

This program is designed to scan disks for valuable data, it cannot work any other way. Your personal data will remain safeguarded.

In Conclusion

Disk Drill is a promising choice when it comes to fast and reliable data restoration. Versatile and rich in features, it is best used for preview. It does not force you to purchase a premium version until you are 100% sure that it is capable of recovering your files. Hence, try it for free and check whether it may help you — and only if the answer is positive, consider buying a subscription.

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