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How To Bypass Mega Download Limits 2022 (Alternative Method)

Bypass Mega download limits

Bypass Mega download limits

In this post, we will show an alternative method to bypass Mega download limits. Our previous post demonstrated a technique using a couple of different tools that stream the files like a video to your computer for downloading. Though that method bypasses Mega download limits, it still had some limitations like not downloading folders with sub-files, unable to download video files, and some other formats. 

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In this method to bypass Mega download limits, we’re going to use a tool created by Tonikelope called MegaBasterd. MegaBasterd is an open-source program available on GitHub for a free download. It appears to be updated regularly, and giving Tonikelope a tip for his handy work isn’t a bad idea.

One crucial step to bypass Mega download limits is that you will need a series of proxy addresses. The more you have, the more it can rotate through the list for a fast and successful download. 

Paid services like the ones offered on, will allow access to premium proxies and quicker downloads. However, if you pay for a proxy service, you might as well consider just paying for Mega since it’s already a low-cost cloud service.

Install MegaBasterd and Bypass Mega Download Limits

Please Note: This post is intended for educational purposes. We do not take responsibility for any misuse.

Before we begin to bypass Mega download limits, here are some tools need for this installation.

** Before we start, make sure you have installed Java**

Step 1 – After Downloading MegaBasterd, Extract the folders to your Desktop (or any location)

Step 2 – Open the “MegaBasterd” executable file.

Step 3 – Set your download location by clicking on EDIT > SETTINGS.

Under the ‘Download’ tab, click on “Change It” to specify where you want your files to download. 

Tip – If you increase your ‘Max Parallel downloads,’ you will increase your speed.

Step 4 – In the same tab, scroll down to the bottom, and check “Use SmartProxy.” 

to bypass Mega download limits, more proxy servers are best

In the open text area, you want to insert as many proxies as you can. The more you have listed here, the better the program can cycle through, allowing you to download your files quickly and bypass Mega download limits.

It’s important to insert it correctly using the below format:

[IP address]:[Port][username@password] 

If you require a username and password, they must be entered in the above string using base64 format.

Here is an example of some proxies used from

Because these server lists are frequently updated, I recommend checking the site for an update list.

Step 5 – To start your download and bypass Mega download limits, get the mega URL of the file you want to download. Then in MegaBasterd, insert it by click on the FILE menu and selecting New Download.

Step 6 – Paste the URL in the text area, then click on “Let’s dance, Baby.”

This will begin your download. If your file is over the 5GB cap space given on free accounts, you will notice that the download will stop. This is normal. It will start going through the list of Proxy Servers and begin to resume the download once connected. This start and stop process may happen serval times as it changes servers. The speed will also vary depending on the quality of the server and where it is geographically located to you.

I would recommend leaving your program and let it do its thing for a few hours. The file will be marked as complete when finished, and you will be done!

If you would like a visual walk-through of these steps, check out our video below.

These videos are hosted by Rumble and Odysee

VIDEO: Bypass Mega Download Limits (Alternative Method)

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