Build the Android of your dreams: the world’s first custom smartphone arrives

An interesting idea for upgrading the phone was offered by the Indian company Lava. She announced five inexpensive phones at once: Lava Z1, Z2, Z4, Z6 and Lava MyZ.

The manufacturer offers an unusual option: within a year after purchasing a smartphone, you can increase the amount of RAM or built-in memory, and the Lava MyZ phone can generally be customized to your taste. Sounds interesting, but how is it really?

Assemble the phone for yourself

Using the Lava MyZ program,  you can assemble it “for yourself” on the manufacturer’s website. Choose the amount of RAM (from 2 to 6 GB) and internal memory (from 32 to 128 GB), front and main cameras, as well as the body color. True, in the aggregator, the choice is not so great. There are only two options for camera modules: a triple bundle of 13/5/2 MP or double 13/2 MP, and the front one is 8 or 16 MP.

You cannot change the processor, battery capacity, display, and other parameters; the choice of options is minimal. The phone will have a 6.5-inch HD + IPS screen, MediaTek Helio G35 processor, USB Type-C, 5000 mAh battery. Depending on the set of options, the phone will cost from 78 to 120 euros in India.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer proudly called the device “the world’s first phone with the ability to customize.” In fact, these are several ready-made combinations with different cameras and memory capacity in two body colors. But in this case, no one would have paid attention to Lava, but this is how the news feed turned out.

Need more memory

For other models, the Zup program is provided. Its essence is that you can increase the amount of RAM or permanent memory within a year after buying a phone. But not how much you want, but how much the manufacturer has foreseen.

For example, if the phone has 4 GB of RAM installed by default, it increases to 6 GB, and instead of 64 GB of built-in, we get 128 GB. But considering that we are not talking about flagship models, but about inexpensive devices, thanks for that.

You also need to consider that an upgrade on your own is excluded: to improve the characteristics of the phone, you need to contact a branded service center. Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity for those who missed memory choice when buying a phone and eventually realized that they needed to improve it, but there is no money to buy a new one.

The offer applies to Lava Z2, Z4, Z6, and MyZ models, and the factory warranty remains on the devices, and the data in the phone’s memory will not go anywhere. At least, this is what the manufacturer promises.

Are modular phones making a comeback?

The idea that a smartphone can be endlessly upgraded and constantly improved according to one’s own needs deserves a right to life. You can recall Moto Mods or the Google Ara project, which was curtailed several years ago, and now it seems like they are trying to revive it again.

But all this is expensive and complicated, ideas sound loud, but in practice, everything is much more prosaic: buyers are not ready to pay for expensive components, and companies are also afraid to invest in projects with incomprehensible future times crisis. Therefore, such a “custom” is born.

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