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Best SEO Tools For Windows 10

To get a website to the top of the search engines, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort. For instance, tracking local user behavior on the site, creating files for regular indexing, and collecting semantics are all examples. This takes time, but the SEO specialist’s kit tools can help speed up the process.


By connecting special services to your site, you can easily understand which pages are indexed and not and determine which content is responsive to users. Learn more at

Google Analytics Annotations

Basic SEO promotion service. This plugin will help you figure out if a drop in traffic (or rise) is due to a Google algorithm update. You can grasp what people enjoy and detest thanks to him. Improve the webpage based on this.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio can let you combine data from many sources (such as Search Console and Google Analytics), visualize, and share your data.

Google Search Console

Check your site’s queries for any issues, such as which pages are indexed, penalties, and so on.

Internal optimization analysis

You’re dedicated to online tools to enable you to crawl and optimize your site.

Screaming Frog

For desktops, there’s a scanner. You can scan up to 500 URLs for free using the free version. On the other hand, the free version is excellent for minor tasks and site audits.


SEOlyzer is a log analysis application with real-time analysis and page categorization capabilities.

Beam Us Up

This is a free PC scanner. While it lacks some of the functionality of Screaming Frog, it does provide completely free scanning with no limitations.

Link Redirect Trace

A Chrome addon that can be used as a “universal redirect analyzer” for free. From LinkResearchTools, the plugin displays HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and basic link metrics.

Keyword selection and analysis

Keyword Planner

People who buy advertising on Google Ads can use Keyword Planner. It contains a variety of useful information for SEO keyword research. It makes use of Google’s data and includes features like nation filtering.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword parsing service. A helpful tool in marketing.


For the entire year, statistics on keyword inquiries have been compiled. The level of competition for each keyword is assessed. The service also provides keyword suggestions.

Search and analysis of external links

Link Explorer

In the area of SEO, Link Explorer is a comprehensive and reliable link index. Every month, you’ll get 10 queries and 50 lines of data for free.

Link Miner

A free extension for Chrome. Used to find broken links on every page quickly, and for link building service for local businesses when searching on Google.


The service shows the amount of external and internal links on a page, as well as URL and text-encircled links. Furthermore, the service allows you to keep monitoring links on the main page as well as any other page on the site.

Site customization

There is no point in optimizing and adding the site to analytics services. You need to configure the site: create the correct files and check the code. SEO applications will also help with this.


The service generates a Robots.txt file that is managed by search engine crawlers. To create a file, all you need to do is specify settings, for example, close for indexing the section with contacts. Then, the resulting file can be downloaded and uploaded to the site.


Checks Robots.txt file for errors. If there are any, it indicates what needs to be fixed.

Website and competitor analysis

Analytics services do not take into account some indicators. Therefore, you need other tools to analyze your site quality. And also, do not forget to compare the sites of competitors. To understand how you can bypass them and take a higher place in search results.


It helps to find external links to the site. It shows their total number, referring resources, and IP addresses. Also, specific anchors, domain zones, and percentage of links closed for indexing.

PageSpeed Insights

It also checks load speed, but for all kinds of devices. Evaluate one page and give the result in points from 0 to 100. It also offers recommendations, which can be improved, so the download was faster.


It also checks load speed by PageSpeed Insights, but here you can diagnose up to 50 pages at once in one run, rather than checking each page individually.


This is an SEO service for assessing the website position, traffic statistics, the presence of sanctions, and other parameters. It uses unique algorithms to determine a donor’s potential and whether a resource is suitable for linking to your site.


The SEO program for competitor analysis looks for keywords promoted by inorganic and contextual advertising. Butitdoesn’tjustfindthem. Itshows:

Collecting the semantic core

The semantic kernel is all the queries you will promote in search results. First, you need to find them, then – to a group, then – to allocate to specific pages. For this purpose, I invented different SEO programs to prepare the semantic core.

Keyword Tool

This is a program for collecting keywords in Google. The service works with cues from the search engine. You specify an introductory phrase, and it shows all that may prompt Google.

Key Collector

A program for collecting queries, which you need to install on your PC. Withthisservice, youcan:

Keyword Researcher Pro

Service is focused on long, low-frequency phrases that are easier to reach the top. So it searches for them, relying on search engine cues, and enters thousands of queries to get long tails for keyword phrases.

Working with text

Professionals say content is the engine of optimization. Without it, search engines won’t see the site. And for it to work as it should, it is crucial to make it high-quality and competently embed the keys. Also, don’t forget the reviews. This will help SEO services for the text.


The program checks the uniqueness of the installed PC. In addition, it searches for similar text fragments on the Internet and can even detect rewrites.


Conducts an SEO analysis of the text, identifying the most common words, calculating the percentage of occurrences, and identifying any words that can be removed. ISTIO also does checks.

The best SEO tools can help you enhance your keyword research and SEO software ranking in no time. Before selecting your final SEO software tool, make sure to examine all of the features you require (as well as the pricing).


Using SEO tools can help you increase your keyword research and SEO software ranking in a short amount of time. Before deciding on an SEO software program, make sure to examine all of the features you require (as well as the cost) before making your final SEO software solutions.

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