But it’s unclear when she will come out.


On November 10, Apple is holding another presentation and is expected to present its first laptop on a proprietary processor. 

According to various rumors and leaks, Apple can transfer all or almost all laptop models to its CPUs within about six months. And then desktop PCs will vanish. 


And if everything is relatively simple with the iMac, then the iMac Pro and especially the Mac Pro will require processors of an entirely different level. 



The source says Apple is already working on the next-generation Mac Pro, although the current one came out quite recently. Interestingly, it has already been said that the new PC case will be about half the size of the current one. This will still make the new product much larger than the previous Mac Pro, but the PC will become significantly more compact. 


In other words, the transition to components of our design may lead to the fact that the new Mac Pro will cease to be modular or at least incredibly inferior in this parameter to the current model. 


It’s anyone’s guess when the new Mac Pro comes out, but Apple previously promised to move all of its PCs to new platforms within two years. It can be assumed that the Mac Pro will be the last computer to switch to Apple’s CPU.  


Source: BloombergWCCF Tech

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