Apple has announced several changes to the App Store that are intended to empower app developers. The company will launch A / B testing in the service and add an “Events” section to advertise innovations in applications—TechCrunch writes about this.

A / B testing is a type of marketing research that allows product creators to select the best changes for their audience by offering multiple execution options for comparison. With the help of the new tool, developers will create different pages of their services, which will differ in content: screenshots, videos, and even icons. With their help, authors will be able to choose a preferred design option.

The company will also launch a promotion system for in-app updates. To do this, Apple will create a Spotlight section, which will describe the latest developments in the device’s owner’s services. Before that, the user could find out about them only if he subscribed to notifications from the developer. In addition, the App Store widget will start displaying upcoming events on the home screen of the device.

Apple also shared its App Store stats. The company said that more than 600 million people use its service every week. The presentation also indicated that the developers had received more than $ 230 billion during the existence of the App Store. Thus, the IT giant pointed to the vast opportunities of the creators of applications, and, probably, this was a public response to the lawsuit of Epic Games, which opposes the 30 percent commission in the App Store.

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