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Apple wants AirPods to be able to charge from iPhone

Recently, the concept of ecosystems among Apple users has lost a bit of its value. But for many, this is still an essential aspect that does not allow them to go to competitors. An abundance of universal services, mutual compatibility of most devices and accessories, and much more do their job. However, Apple, as usual, is not enough. Therefore, Cupertino decided on deeper integration of the iPhone and AirPods, making it so that the smartphone can charge the headphones, even if they have to release a special case.

Apple is actually considering launching an iPhone charging case that would be AirPods compatible. Thus, the company wants to solve two problems at once. The first is to provide headphone users with charging in situations where they don’t have the ability to recharge elsewhere. And the second is to compete with smartphones with reverse charging adequately. Adequate, because, as practice shows, reverse charging is too wasteful, and direct, firstly, faster, and, secondly, more economical.

Charge AirPods from iPhone

Very often, AirPods users find that their headphones stop working due to discharging while in use. They cannot carry the charger with them all the time, but they can recharge them from the iPhone in a special case. Its body can include a pair of terminals and a battery, thanks to which energy will be transmitted from the smartphone to the headphones. Thus, the cover becomes not just a protective accessory, but a kind of portable socket, says the patent description.

According to Apple’s idea, the iPhone case should be such that one of its parts could fit AirPods and provide them with charging. It is essential that the headphones are held fairly tightly and do not fall out even on the go because otherwise, it will not be safe enough. Apple designers are working on several possible mounting options: on top, on the back, in the flip case cover that protects the display, and just on the side using magnets, similar to the Apple Pencil attached to the iPad using magnets.

iPhone Cases with AirPods Charging

At this stage, Apple doesn’t seem to want to charge the AirPods from the iPhone battery, sacrificing charging. Instead, it is planned to use the battery that is built into the case. The case’s presence will allow you to reliably fix the accessory on the smartphone case and not drain its battery by reverse charging. After all, AirPods clearly require more resources than the Apple Pencil, which can be charged directly from the tablet using a wireless connection. Accordingly, you can’t do without a charging case, which will fit both the iPhone and AirPods.

In general, Apple’s desire to release a universal charging case for smartphones and headphones is a perfect thing, especially if the future accessory is compact enough for everyone to want to buy it. After all, if the designers dazzle the second Smart Battery Case, but only in the flip form factor with a thick front cover for inserting AirPods, this thing is unlikely to be very popular. Primarily because of its size. Therefore, Apple will probably need to work out the magnetic mount better so that the headphones hang somewhere on the side or from the end and do not interfere with the use of the iPhone.

But you need to understand that when AirPods are discharged on the go, they do not occur very often. Therefore, I personally would not buy a special case for this case. But I would buy a thin case with magnetic fasteners. After all, there is no particular reason to equip it with a capacious battery because AirPods can recharge for several hours of music playback in a matter of minutes. Accordingly, the case will need to be equipped with either a tiny battery or, if Apple can overcome the excessive consumption of reverse charging, do with magnets.

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