Apple yesterday unveiled updates to its major software platforms. The company has not forgotten about software developers, who will receive many new powerful tools from implementing their ideas.

Apple introduced the Object Capture API for macOS Monterey. It allows you to create 3D objects using a set of 2D images. Developers will take pictures on an iPhone or iPad and then use a Mac to create 3D models of the objects depicted on them, optimized for AR. It will take a few minutes. The resulting models can be viewed in AR Quick Look or added to AR scenes in Reality Composer or Xcode.

Apple also boasted that most of the top 1000 apps for its platforms are built using the Swift language. The company said that 600 million people from 175 countries and regions visit the App Store every week. The company announced an update to its app store product pages to give developers more flexibility and new ways to interact with users. This will help them better track the needs of their audience.

Xcode Cloud will allow developers to build apps in the cloud rather than on local machines. The software will be automatically sent to the cloud for testing. The Xcode Cloud functionality will be available in limited beta this year and will be available to all developers next year. The cost of the service has not yet been announced.

Finally, the TestFlight open beta test product, which allows you to invite users to test new software easily, will now be available for iOS, iPad OS, watchOS, tvOS, and computer macOS.

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