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Apple told when iOS 15 will be available to iPhone users

The new version of the iOS operating system will be available for installation this fall. Together with it, watchOS 8, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey will open to users. This was reported by the company.

The iOS 15 operating system will receive many features. So, through the proprietary messenger FaceTime, you can share video, music and show the screen of your smartphone to your interlocutor. A focus mode helps you avoid distractions when using a function. Apple promises that iOS privacy will increase again.

The Apple Watch smartwatch will be able to set the user’s own photos as a dial – for this, a multi-layered dynamic effect will be used. Tablet iPadOS 15 will improve multitasking and multi-windowing, and there will also be expanded widgets and an application library.

macOS Monterey for devices on the M1 chip will add some features from mobile devices, such as spatial audio. Mac users will have access to the “Commands” application for automating routine tasks.

New versions of operating systems will open for download in the fall, following the presentation of the new iPhones. iOS 15 will even support older models of Apple smartphones.

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