Apple Saves Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Removing Charger from iPhone

As you know, the iPhone 12 package does not include wired headphones or a charger. Observers have calculated how much Apple can save by implementing this practice.

The Apple Empire attributes the shrinking supply of new smartphones to environmental concerns. Such measures will allow consuming less raw materials for each iPhone sold and, therefore, to reduce the harm caused to nature.

Recently released data on the cost of components of the iPhone 12, distributed by Counterpoint Technology Market Research. Observers draw attention to an interesting indicator: in the box, “contents of the package” indicated a decrease in the cost of $ 4.2 compared to the iPhone 11.

And this means that this is exactly the amount Apple is saving by excluding headphones and a charger from the supply. At the end of last year, global shipments of the iPhone 12 were estimated at 63 million units. Thus, the total savings reached $ 265 million, exceeding a quarter of a billion dollars.

Some analysts believe that Apple will exclude the USB-C / Lightning cable from its smartphones in the future. Taking into account iPhone sales, this will also translate into million-dollar savings.

 Source: Gizchina

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