The review was announced on the anniversary of their announcement.

Apple announced the Active Noise Canceling AirPods Pro headphones precisely a year ago. Today, the company announced a virtually recallable campaign: defective AirPods Pro will either be repaired or replaced. Thus, Apple confirmed specific problems with the headphones but noted that they are not large-scale. Only a “small percentage of AirPods Pro” are eligible for repair or replacement.

What problems are we talking about? For example, crackling or extraneous sounds increase in a noisy environment, exercise, or while talking on the phone. There is also a complaint about the active noise cancellation system – if, as a result of its operation, low frequencies are “lost” or background sounds like street noise are amplified.

Although the warranty expires on that day for the very first AirPods Pro customers, the company promises to repair or replace defective devices within two years of purchase, so everyone will have enough time to contact the service. The company itself notes that headphones released before October of this year are subject to problems. That is, the defect can occur in any AirPods Pro sold at the moment.

Source: The Verge

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