This is Apple’s second settlement this year.


Apple agreed to settle yet another investigation into the iPhone slowdown due to battery wear (the story has long been called batterygate), paying $ 113 million.


The settlement has been struck with 34 states, led by Arizona, Arkansas, and Indiana, which are suing the tech giant for hiding the performance limits of older iPhones with outdated batteries from their owners.


The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, accuses Apple of misleading consumers about its iOS updates using complex technical notes on battery management. The Arizona attorney general, in particular, said the company used “deceptive practices and methods” to increase its sales. These methods also left consumers with the impression that their only way to reduce battery performance was to buy newer iPhone models.


This is Apple’s second settlement this year. In March, the Cupertino-based company agreed to pay $ 500 million to settle lawsuits over iPhone slowdowns but denied any wrongdoing. The battery throttling issue first appeared in December 2017, and Apple then clarified that it is necessary to improve performance on devices with reduced battery performance.


The new settlement agreement includes a company’s commitment to clarify its battery health and power management policies through smartphone notifications. Apple said this back in 2018, but the information was hidden deep in the device’s settings.


Source: Washingtonpost

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