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Apple nearly shut down the Apple Watch project in 2015 – What happened?

n December of last year, the number of those who wear Apple Watch on their wrist exceeded 100 million. Now there are 102 or 103 million. Apple Watch is used by every tenth iPhone owner globally, and in the US – every third (35%). In terms of the number of users, Apple Watch ranks fourth in Apple, after iPhone, Mac and iPad. But from 2015 to 2017, Apple Watch was called the company’s loudest failure. According to absolutely reliable information from an extremely reliable source (almost from the words of Kevin Lynch, who led the development of the Apple Watch), they were going to be closed. In fact, this was not entirely true.

The Apple Watch was presented in September 2014, along with the iPhone 6. The presentation of smartwatches was striking in its scope and pathos. Tim Cook’s performance was his best (at that time) performance. It was clear that this project was very important to Apple and that a lot was expected of it. Reactions to Apple’s new platform have ranged from admiration to rejection. Opinions didn’t matter, and Apple Watch is one of those devices that you can understand and appreciate only by trying it. And it was impossible to try them until April 2015.

The presentation’s scope and pathos were taken for the expectation of hurricane sales; in fact, it was only Tim Cook’s first big project, practically an exam for his suitability for the position. And he gave his best. Besides, Apple Watch was created by caring people. The device was not drawn to the next iPhone’s role, but they did not set such a goal for its creators – and at its presentation, they did not hide it: Apple Watches was conceived as a peripheral device for the iPhone, without which they are almost useless.

Initially, Apple sold three watch modules: a sporty, stainless steel and Edition version – and gold for $ 10,000

Apple Watch sales start

The start of Apple Watch sales disappointed everyone. And those who dreamed of another triumph of their favourite company, and those who hoped that Apple would finally fail with a deafening crash and that this would be the beginning of its end.

The accumulated reserves were not enough. In retail, sales of the Apple Watch began later than promised. And there were no outward signs of triumph. On the day when the watch began to be sold at retail, there were queues at the entrances to Apple stores before their opening, but thin and unconvincing. Apple Watch was bought but without much excitement. It was neither a failure nor a triumph. The information that Jonathan Ive asked for resignation, which became known to the media, was associated with his disappointment in the project in which he put his heart and soul. As a result, a few years later, I’ve still left Apple, but for different reasons.

Apple was silent about the number of Apple Watch sold. This was taken as an attempt to hide the truth, unpleasant for Apple. By the way, it was not she who reported about the million hours ordered in the first six hours, and hundreds of publications reprinted the information; the source is unknown. Silence is not gold at all.

Apple remained silent and was rumoured even to consider closing the project. How much she managed to sell Apple Watch by the end of 2015 is still unknown. According to information from an unknown source, in 2015, after 8 months of their sales, Apple Watch became the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Apple was silent, but the number of Apple Watch sold interested the public – and they were informed. Different sources called different numbers. Ranging from a few million pieces to 34.7 million. The iPhone peripherals were accused of being nearly helpless in the absence of an iPhone. This is the same as blaming a laser printer for not having a keyboard (and you can’t type like a typewriter) and a touch screen with a stylus.

Apple Watch Sales 2015 – 2020

Through his channels (financial analysts have effective channels for obtaining accurate information), expert Neil Cybart collected information about the Apple Watch – this is not one hundred percent true, but very close to it. The number of Apple Watch owners from 2015 to 2020 changed as follows:

Ten million Apple Watches were sold in 2015. Those who strongly dislike Apple said 2.5 or 3 million. The Apple Watch, despite Apple’s desire for independence, is still a peripheral for the iPhone. The percentage of iPhone owners who use the Apple Watch is perhaps the most important indicator of their success and popularity. Here’s how this figure has changed over the years:

It can be seen that iPhone owners did not really want to buy a watch in 2015-2016, but then they “tried” it. Unsurprisingly, Apple initially thought to quit. It’s good that the company found reasonable people.

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