Recently, a large number of applications with expensive subscriptions and excellent reviews have appeared in the App Store, which are at the top of search results. Of course, the high cost itself does not mean anything, but Costa Eleftheriou, the developer of the popular FlickType gesture keyboard for the Apple Watch, noticed that such apps offer funny functionality for a lot of money or do not really perform the functions indicated in description.

At the same time, good reviews in the App Store and ads in FaceBook and Twitter are nothing more than a regular rating boost. Eleftheriu decided to report this to Apple, and, apparently, the company agreed with the existence of such a problem and began to fight it by more thoroughly checking expensive applications.

So, for example, the resource 9to5mac was able to get the text of the refusal to publish one of these applications in the App Store. According to the company, the subscription price “does not reflect the value of the features and content offered to the user.” Moreover, in its letter, Apple explicitly states that setting too high prices is a direct deception of users. 

At the same time, the company notes that if the developer can justify his application’s high cost (for example, using expensive APIs for development), then the software will be admitted to the App Store.

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