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Apple Confirms New iPhones Have Reverse Charging

For a long time, iPhones were considered less technically advanced than Android smartphones. First, it concerned processors, then cameras, then – displays. And even now, when iPhones have already reached a really high level of development, haters still reproached Apple with the fact that it had not mastered to equip its flagships with reverse charging technology. Why it is needed is a different question. The main thing is that they never mastered it in Cupertino. So, at least, everyone thought until yesterday. But yesterday Apple proved to everyone that reverse charging has already succumbed to it, and the company has found it a more adequate application than everyone else.

This passed by most users, but as it was unexpectedly revealed yesterday, all iPhone 12 models support reverse charging. Despite the fact that the engineers of iFixit, who disassembled smartphones of Apple’s flagship line, did not find any special sensors in their design, the devices can really not only receive energy “wirelessly” but also give it away.

Reverse charging in iPhone 12

It was possible to find out that the iPhone 12 supports reverse charging thanks to the launch of the MagSafe external battery. Together with him, Apple published a support document describing how it works. It clearly indicated that the iPhone is capable of charging the MagSafe Battery Pack, even if the accessory itself is not connected to the power supply. You just need to place the battery on the back of your smartphone.

You can charge both devices at the same time by attaching the MagSafe Battery Pack to the iPhone and then plugging the iPhone into a power source, according to a document that Apple posted on its website.

What is this if not reversible charging? But Apple for some reason pays almost no attention to this, limiting itself only to a statement of fact. Everything indicates that in Cupertino, in principle, they do not consider this technology to be some kind of breakthrough, which is worthy of being described in all details. Well, think about it, the smartphone charges the external battery. What’s the big deal? Apparently, this is exactly what Apple reasoned.

How to enable Reverse Charging on iPhone 12

And it’s true. If you think about it, it turns out that Apple just implemented reverse charging technology to the extent that it was necessary for everyday use. It is clear that charging wireless headphones or other smartphones from an iPhone is nonsense. After all, the power source itself in this process will lose too much energy, and the battery resource of a third-party device will most likely not completely replenish it anyway.

Let’s be honest – iPhone 12 doesn’t need reverse charging. Despite the fact that the smartphones of the line themselves work for quite a long time, bypassing many devices based on Android, the capacity of their batteries is not high enough. For example, the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh. This is clearly not the amount of energy that is worth wasting when recharging left-hand devices. MagSafe Battery Pack is different. Simply plug your iPhone with iOS 14.7 into a power outlet, attach the battery, and charge both gadgets.

In the case of the MagSafe Battery Pack, Apple has done very elegantly. On the one hand, engineers have shown that they are capable of reversing charging. And, on the other hand, they limited its capabilities precisely to the extent that it is necessary to form the correct user experience. So whatever you say, Apple is again the winner.



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