Graphics have always been an integral part of marketing. Without images and videos, it’s challenging to attract the attention of your target audience. It is where stock resources step in.

You can either invest money and buy graphical resources for your content, or stock resources may help you in this concern. Therefore, you need to know about the best websites that offer you free stock graphics. 

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Let’s get started with the article:

Why Free Stock Resources?

The most well-known paid stock image sites are (owned by Getty Images) and You may find almost everything you want to see here, but it will cost you a pretty penny. 

In addition, many of the stock images are just too “stocky.” Think over-the-top, stereotypically images of giddy, tooth-white folks are no more cheezy. You need something crispier. 

It is where the free stock resources come in handy.

Free Stock Photos Sites:

Fortunately, there are other options out there. If you’re looking for some free stock, including photos, music, and videos, we’ve put up this list:

1. Unsplash:

Unsplash has become one of the most popular places to get high-quality stock photographs because of its extensive selection of free images. The Unsplash staff is constantly reviewing new pictures, and only the best are selected for display on the site. All images are available under the Unsplash license and may be used for any purpose.

They have over 300,000 high-resolution photographs from more than 50,000 contributors, so you can do anything you want with their library. 

Although Unsplash doesn’t have as many options as other premium photo-sharing sites, the images are of the highest quality, and hundreds are uploaded daily. 

For the most part, you’ll be able to locate anything of interest on this free stock website.

2. Gratisography:

A new way of stock photos is there at Gratisography. In their own words, they claim to offer “the world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock photos.” 

They don’t want to compete with Unsplash in terms of volume, but that’s not their goal. You won’t find a better selection of free photographs than what they provide. 

3. Pixabay:

There are many free stock pictures, vectors, and art illustrations available on Pixabay. Photos are licensed under Creative Commons CC0 and may be used for any purpose.

The photographs on this site are of the highest quality. If you’re a content marketer or blogger, you’ll find it helpful since it’s more focused on business and marketing.


You may find free stock photographs and high-resolution images at The site also offers a search function that makes it simple to explore through the thousands of pictures that are accessible. 

To help you locate the most famous images, the site counts views and downloads.

Hundreds of new photographs are added to StockSnap every day, which you may use without credit since they are all distributed under the Creative Commons Public Domain license.

5. Pexel:

It’s impossible to write about free stock photos without mentioning Pexels. Pexels offers high-quality, free, Creative Commons Zero (CC0)-licensed stock images. 

They provide one of the most comprehensive and well-organized libraries of free stock photographs on the internet. All pictures are labeled, searchable, and accessible through their explore sites. 

In addition, they provide free stock videos! Many bloggers rely on Pexels as their primary source of imagery.

6. Reshot:

If you’re looking for high-quality free stock photographs, Reshot is the place to go. If you’re fed up with stock photographs that don’t fit your brand, this app is for you! 

No credit is required for commercial or editorial usage. 


Using free stock pictures is a good option for businesses on a tight budget. With no upfront costs, utilizing free stock pictures is a straightforward approach to boost your company’s visual identity without incurring any copyright infringement penalties.


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