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Advanced Technologies in Education That Can Be Used Here and Now

During the largest technology exhibition in education Bett, which takes place annually in London, there were announced the most promising working fields for the following years:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Life sciences;
  • Manufacturing industry;
  • Energy.

In order to become successful and have a wide range of career opportunities, students need to acquire the following skills:

  • Critical thinking;
  • Communication skills;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Analytical abilities;
  • Technical skills (STEM).

With these skills, current students will be able to become top specialists in one of the “professions of the future” highlighted by Bett representatives, like a specialist in artificial intelligence, data protection officer, robotics engineer, Data Scientist, and many others. It also will help students to treat writing with creativity and use the right approach so that they even won’t need to think: write my essay online for help to write any type of paper.

The necessary skills should be taught in schools here and now, and though a part of the future success will depend on the schools and the tutors themselves, the students must be proactive too. They should always be mobile, cooperate with everyone, develop their social networks, and actively use advanced technology in their studies. Services like Webinar Care, can facilitate this need and create an environment for learning. Even the basic understanding of the core programs will help the students not only in their studies but also in their future careers.

That’s why we’ve listed the top 7programs and resources that you should start using here and now for your own future success. Additionally, if you want to learn more about education services today, LaWeekly.com gathered all the latest information on this subject.

Adobe Education Exchange

Everyone has heard of a program like Adobe Photoshop, but not everyone knows about their other software development project like Adobe Education Exchange. This application can be used to master Photoshop itself and to work with Adobe Spark as well.

The latter tool is extremely helpful for encouraging students to start reading more, developing writing skills, and opening their creativity through technology. Some students might even consider starting up their own paper writing service afterward.


With this application, students often make presentations or infographics. But Canva’s educational potential is much stronger; you just have to go deeper. There you can find many options for creating posters, bright and convenient templates on various topics, and other ready-made graphic schemes.


This is a resource for creating interactive multimedia things. For example, you can create an interactive picture. Basically, you just take a picture, add links and videos. In this way, you can create posters, graphs, tables, as well as prepare certificates and diplomas, schedules. Without any doubt, it is a very useful and original application that does not require you to be a genius to master all of the features.


This is literally a “manual” laboratory with sensors of temperature, humidity, light, which is suitable for a variety of laboratory tests in physics, biology, or chemistry. Moreover, it can be a good introduction to STEM projects, which might encourage you to go even further. For example, you can study the dependence of plant growth on different conditions of lighting and humidity.

The special software collects the results of the measurements in a table and builds graphs, even including forecasts. The big advantage of this technological gadget is that it is mobile. It can be taken outside, connected to a tablet, which could give you an opportunity to conduct your research “in the field”.

Oculus and ClassVR

These resources provide an opportunity to find interesting approaches to the application of augmented reality for educational purposes – for example, to explore the inside part of the volcano’s crater wearing VR glasses. It is important to mention that this technology has long been widespread and was aimed mainly at gamification, whilst there very little educational content.

Manufacturers now offer a large number of educational materials on various subjects. For students,it results not only in being more involved in the learning process but can also open new fields for them, which might be life-changing.

Such an interactive learning process develops student’s creativity which might lead the students not only in the technical fields but also in a more creative direction like marketing, photography, or writing. Maybe you are the one who will create the next successful writing resource like grademiners.com.


Sphero teamed up with LittleBits, and they created an incredible training constructor with lots of details. This is a great opportunity for students to learn the basics of robotics, programming, physics, and electronics in a game form!

The constructor consists of a set of electronic components (from sensors to switches, regulators, and also – Arduino – the compatible controller) which are connected in one electric circuit. You do not need to solder or connect anything with wires because the parts of the designer are made on magnets.

To Sum Up

Though we have listed in this article only seven core programs and resources which will definitely help you out in becoming a better student and a successful specialist in the future, the opportunities are endless.

The education field actively starts to incorporate innovative technologies, and you shouldn’t stand aside. Begin your journey in the useful world of technology here and now, and maybe tomorrow; you’ll create something even more significant.



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