If you always thought your high school diploma was not enough to start a new remote career, you were wrong. Digital marketing is a career field that does not require a college degree. All you need is excellent key skills and a stunning resume to showcase them. Now you’re ready to land an interview! Once stuck in interview preparation, use credible professional sources like Skillhub’s resume writer service online to ensure you get top job marketing positions. 

Meanwhile, check a list of digital marketing professions which do not require a college education.

#1 Content Manager & Strategist

Managing the company’s content is all about ensuring it sells the company’s product. For this to happen, a content manager creates a content strategy. They also cooperate with the team of writers and analyze content placing.  

No need for a special qualification here. However, you might want to get some training in project management and SEO content writing to understand the basics.

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Most recruiters would highlight the following skills during the applicant tracking process:

  • Self-organization;
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Attention to detail;
  • Critical thinking skills.

#2 Social Media Manager

Know how to improve the brand’s social presence online? Consider the career of a social media manager. This professional ensures one’s social media account is attractive enough for potential buyers. Modern recruiting firms know how to help businesses thrive. Hence, any career advice expert would tell you that becoming a social media manager is a promising career. 

What are the job responsibilities of a social media manager?

  • Analyze visitors’ data; 
  • Make customers’ online experiences more effective;
  • Scan the site’s activities to find the data trends.

#3 UX Designer

A UX designer is a specialist responsible for the final outlook of the company’s website. Contrary to popular opinion, you might want to finish courses in UX design. That will be enough to apply for jobs as an entry-level specialist. The cherry on top – you don’t need outstanding accomplishments or work experience to land a job. In fact, many startup companies recruit young specialists. Sure, the salary is lower than in the top industry companies. But you’ll get experience with time, right?

The skills to mention in your resume and beat the ATS system:

  • Visual design skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Technical knowledge; 
  • Project management skills.

#4 Email Marketing Specialist

Always wanted to expand your writing business? From now on, you can use your outstanding writing and persuasive skills to nail an online job as an email marketer. 

You’ll have to create advertising texts and reach clients by email. You’ll also engage in the creation of PR campaigns to promote new products and inform customers about sales.

The knowledge of SEO and copywriting is a must here. Taking a few courses in SEO writing and marketing is a great way to invest in your career and ensure your acceptance rates are high. 

#5 Brand Ambassador

With the whole job market going remote, brand ambassadors are in high demand. More individuals use the Internet, yet companies use their employees to target potential buyers online. 

Yes, you can become a brand ambassador even if you’re far from being a celebrity. How to get more interviews and make sure your resume ends up on the recruiter’s desk?

  • Craft a winning resume that persuades your reader you’ve got stunning skills; 
  • Present your video editing and content writing skills. Commonly, employers ask their ambassadors to tell stories about the products they sell to the audience; 
  • Build strong communication skills. Like other selling occupations, being a brand ambassador requires a laborer to communicate with people.

#6 Google Analytics Specialist

It takes time and maybe an online course to learn Google Analytics. However, your efforts and a job application will pay you well in the end. Entering digital marketing as a Google Analytics specialist demands the following skills:

  • Solid critical thinking skills;
  • Ability to sort out and analyze data; 
  • Strong problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work with statistics and create product-development strategies. 

#7 SEO Specialist 

Being an SEO specialist requires extensive knowledge of search engine optimization principles. However, it’s not that difficult as it sounds. Most job seekers learn the subject themselves or get professional help on Coursera. Other education platforms are also a great idea to improve one’s skills. In the end, a hiring manager would employ an applicant with amazing writing skills and SEO knowledge. 

What are SEO specialists’ duties?

  • Creating texts that sell yet ensuring the company’s sales growth; 
  • Editing and proofreading online materials; 
  • Cooperating on the monthly content organization.

#8 Marketing Consultant 

This job is at the highest rank of the marketing hierarchy. A marketing consultant creates marketing plans for the company. They explore the outcomes, create presentations, and predict the market trends. In the end, a marketing consultant is a specialist who brings one’s business to a new level.

Certainly, having a degree in business management is preferable. However, there are tons of courses online to take one closer to their dream job. 

The reason to consider this job position is the increasing demand for remote marketing specialists during COVID-19.


We hope the article has persuaded you that a college degree is not necessary to nail the job of your dreams. A modern hiring specialist focuses on the candidate’s skills more than their job experience. Hence, grow your skills, craft a bot-beating resume, and you’re good to start a new marketing career! We wish you good luck!


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