Escape from Tarkov (ETF) not only offers you an interesting first-person shooter experience, but you also get to enjoy key elements of adventure and survival games. However, you won’t enjoy the game if you don’t know what it takes to survive and, above all, win. 

Luckily, that’s nothing to worry about now. We’ve designed this article to help you tackle that. Also, you might need Escape from Tarkov hacks to play the game better.

7 tips and tricks to help you win in ETF

  1. Know your guns earlier

Escape from Tarkov is not like some games where the developers just add guns just for adding sake. The guns in Escape from Tarkov, even if some may belong to the same brand, vary in many ways than the others. 

Thus, they all require specific applications as they differ in properties such as recoil, range, and fire rate. We recommend using Scavenger runs to test your guns against scavs. That way, you’ll be able to choose which guns suit your playstyle and get corresponding attachments to enhance your gun’s abilities.

  1. Avoid some places

You’ll eventually get to die, but you can lower your dying chances by taking proactive protective measures. First off, avoid areas that are way too busy and flooded with PMCs. You don’t know what weapon or attachments the nest player has strapped on him. 

Some dangerous points and high-traffic areas you should avoid are Kiba and the shoreline. Generally, you’ll find more PMCs in areas with considerably large amounts of loot – avoid them.

  1. Keep your ears open

We can’t overemphasize this, as sound is a major part of most video games. We recommend getting yourself a good set of 3D earphones, with the volumes loud enough. 

This will help you know if someone is creeping up on you and the person’s location on the map. This it does before you can even turn to see who the person was. That way, you can anticipate and frustrate enemy flanks.

  1. Make some noise, but wisely.

Don’t go around making noise in Escape from Tarkov because we asked you to do so; you’ll kill yourself. What this tip means is that you should use your noise against stalkers. Someone might be stalking you can take advantage of noise in such instances. 

Dash into a room, ruffle through empty creates, and then train your weapon in the doorway. Your stalker will be fooled into thinking you’re distracted with loot, only to rush into the room and see bullets flying at him.

  1. Leave no doors open except as bait.

When you enter a room for loot, it’s always the practice to close the door behind you. This door’s creak will serve as a warning if someone tries to open the door from outside. Also, closed doors generally imply one thing – no one has tampered with the loot inside. Simply loot a building and wait nearby for an enemy to approach the door while you take them out from the opposite direction. Simple enough, right?

  1. Don’t just pull that trigger.

It’s a natural default response to want to pull that trigger once you spot an enemy. Most times, this could be the wrong thing to do, especially if you’re not sure of a headshot or the person has a better gun than you do. 

You have to treat the game as a tactical shooter, incorporating patience, cunning, strategy, and most importantly, stealth. Sometimes, simple tricks like throwing an empty can in the opposite direction can attract an enemy to that location, giving you an easy kill opportunity from behind.

  1. Always have a grenade among your gear.

As we mentioned earlier, the weapons in Escape from Tarkov are very different. Sometimes, you may be unlucky enough to come face to face with an enemy that has better weapons than yourself. 

Use a grenade instead of risking your life in a battle you know that you won’t win. You could be lucky enough to pick a grenade among your loots. If you’re not so fortunate, we recommend you visit the Flea Market.


Escape from Tarkov pays a lot of attention to strategy and tactics. All the difference could lie in a single headshot or a simple trick. You can use the tips we have provided above to create your personal tactic and strategy. 

If you have enough cash on you, spend it on attachments that will improve your weapon while gathering enough rubles to get something better. 


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