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7 best educational Android apps

Not long ago, mobile technology was considered a source of distraction for students, and parents and teachers did everything that they could to avoid smartphones affecting the education of the new generation. Nowadays, it turns out that mobile technology has become the most revolutionary productivity tool, but it does not end there. 

You can use your smartphone to learn, develop or build up new skills, research topics of any kind from math to biology, find a website that writes essay for you, or even find courses for more advanced stuff like computer programming. Basically, mobile technology turned smartphones into virtual classrooms, where students have the opportunity to do curricular activities with focus and ease. 

With that said, we can surely say that mobile learning apps are changing education, and there is a wide variety of them that have academic content. And whatever the purpose, the following education apps will definitely make your study time simpler and enjoyable.

So, let us dive a bit deeper and go over the 7 best educational apps individually. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is considered to be the best education platform. It allows its users to access a variety of classes and courses. Currently, it has over 10,000 classes, instructional videos, and other content. And it is completely free. There you can find more typical courses, such as economics, mathematics, science, etc. However, they also have an app specifically designed for younger kids that mostly has the same characteristic. 

Their features such as practice exercises, progress tracking, and the ability to study in multiple languages definitely take this teaching app to the top ones.  


Udemy was one of the first and best apps that offered online courses and nowadays they have over 32,000 courses, ranging from technology and science to foreign languages and cooking. Some of the other topics include marketing, design, entrepreneurship, music, photography, business, health, and fitness, etc. although they also range in quality, there are some basics, and there are others that are simply fantastic and unique. One of the characteristics that make this app so good is the opportunity to learn from famous role models such as actresses from your favorite shows or some social media stars. They also offer expert discussions and instructions, interactive learning, and surveys. Udemy Android app is similar to its official website, and they offer free and paid courses.


YouTube is known as the best education-free app for practical learning. It offers how-to and tutorials for almost anything. It can lecture on astronomy, changing the oil in a car, how to dye clothes, solve math problems, etc. Although the people that are making these tutorials do not make it in course style and mostly make only one video and leave you to continue learning on your own. Basically, all of that makes YouTube a great secondary best learning and free source. Although there is an option to pay $12.99 per month and access YouTube premium, which removes the annoying ads. 

Socratic by Google

Socratic is a teaching app found on google play, which you can download on your android mobile, and it will allow you to take pictures of many things and tell you all about them. You can take a photo of a history question, math problem, chemistry formula, or whatever you want. What matters is that it will answer your question and give you a step-by-step guide on how to answer it by yourself in the future. Socratic does not have any ads and does not have any kind of in-app purchases. It is suited for everyone. However, it is most useful for high school kids and younger generations. 

There is also a remarkably similar teaching app to Socratic named Wolfram Alpha, which is a bit more powerful than Socratic, but there is no free version from it, and it goes for $2.99. 

Google Play Books

Google Play Books came out a long time ago, and nowadays, it is one of the greatest reading apps ever created. You can buy the subject matter from comics and fiction to fantasy and non-fiction and basically any other genre. They also offer a wide selection of textbooks, teaching books, guidebooks, and many other pieces of literature that have educational value, even in an audio form. The prices on the eBooks are all very similar to the prices on other eBook platforms. 

Duo Lingo

It takes immense practice and patience when it comes to language learning, and not everyone can do it. So, if the teaching techniques are not adaptive, you will probably quickly lose interest and focus. 

And Duolingo makes learning a language become a very simple thing. It helps its users to learn 30+ languages such as English, Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin in an interactive and part-game way. 

In the beginning, the games are with pictures, and as you complete more levels, you will have access to many other engaging games that will surely improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. Also, it allows you to set daily goals, tracks your performance, unlocks stories that will improve your listening and reading comprehension, and it has forum discussions and events. 


EdX is probably the most unique compared to the other teaching android apps. It offers courses from actual colleges. They range from nutrition, statistics, psychology, engineering, and even computer programming languages, including python and hundreds of other courses. Furthermore, it allows you to see the lectures, courses, or tutorials online and offline, and it does not require any kind of purchase. So, if you are interested in higher education, you can achieve that by just downloading EdX on your phone. Unfortunately, you do not get a degree at the end of it, but what is important is the knowledge that you will gain. 


These are the best educational apps for android that everyone can use, they are easily accessible on the Google Play Store, and each of the mentioned applications has nothing but positive reviews. They are all made in a way that will engage their users and will not distract them, and by downloading them, you can turn your Android Phone into the ultimate teaching tool. 

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